About us

  • Uviwe Funeral Services was founded by Mr Siviwe Mhlomi in 2009. With a dying economy worldwide and inflated prices, and having seen how this affected the lives, and in this case, even deaths of people, it was necessary to offer communities simplified yet dignified funeral services. It gives great joy in knowing that our business not only offers particular services but that it also impacts people's lives, bringing comfort to them.

    We aim not only to provide professional funeral services but also to touch the lives of our clients by showing that we genuinely care and are touched with compassion by their experiences.

    Uviwe Funeral Services is based in Cape Town but operates across South Africa. We are a well-recognized company and are part of the South African Funeral Practitioners Association (SAFPA).

Siviwe Mhlomi

Siviwe Mhlomi (Director)
Mobile: 079 679 2519
Email: siviwe.mhlomi@uviwefuneralservices.co.za